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Smoked Striped Mullet (aka Biloxi Bacon)

Out of South Florida, there is one dish that is not only popular in the south, but north of Florida and up into Louisiana. Striped mullets are mostly considered the perfect fish bait for most fishermen, but some local folks have discovered a magic trick for transforming this otherwise bottom-feeding fish into a real delicacy. As you’ll find out, smoked striped mullet can be your next favorite as well.

More about striped mullet

salted dried striped mullet

The striped mullet has powerful jaws to scrape off algae and edible vegetation off of rocks but is often found feeding around oil derricks and is primarily non-edible. The striped mullet that are caught in freshwater are usually drawn to warmer coastlines to forage for food and usually get tangled in fishing nets quite easily. Historically, the mullet was plentiful within the Nile River during the Roman Empire and was just as popular back then.

The most fashionable way to make mullets taste better is through smoking to add more flavor to the meat. This gives the striped mullet more of a smoky taste which compliments the natural nutty and buttery flavor once it’s cooked. Here is a popular method how to smoke and cook a striped mullet.

For smoking the mullet

Use a standard barbecue kettle Weber or something similar to start your smoking process. Once you have coals burning, you add about 3 medium chunks of wood. The better wood of choice is Alder wood which gives striped mullet a subtle smokiness. The smoker needs to be about 250 degrees Fahrenheit which is then adjusted when the fish goes in. The mullet needs to have a butterfly fillet to get the most from being smoked.

It will need a traditional sauce rub after first getting salt and pepper applied before the sauce rub. To apply the sauce, you can use a chain mop or a kitchen paintbrush.

Smoking rub:

  • 1/3 cup yellow mustard
  • cup hot sauce (your choice)

Smoking instructions

  • Lay your split fish fillets skin side down onto the smoking tray.
    Add the mixed sauce and allow this to smoke for at least 2-hours.
    The fillets need to be basted every 15 minutes with a generous mopping of sauce. Once these fillets are dried somewhat, they’re done.
  • If the fillet is still tender it can cook until it has more of a touch closer to the overcooked chicken feel. Thicker fillets will take at least 3 hours to properly dry and smoke.

Why is Biloxi Bacon so popular in Florida?

smoking Striped Mullet in smoker

This treat is perfect for football games and snacking at BBQ parties. It’s a great fishy snack that anyone around the south has come to enjoy despite being smoked until the flesh is nearly dried. The skin is left on so the meat inside can be peeled away like little strips of beef jerky and is a favorite treat for both kids and adults. And though it’s not the main dish, it’s perfect for other entrĂ©es that are on the way while using more than one BBQ grill at a time.

Smoked Striped Mullet (aka Biloxi Bacon)

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